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Our one mission is to end the plastic waste cycle.

How Bioplastics work

Why us?

Our products can be used, reused and recycled by composting

Composting is essentially recycling organic material as opposed to a man-made material. It is a natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for plants. It’s good for your garden and environment!

Fit for your corporate needs

We want to provide you and your consumers biodegradable and compostable materials that demonstrate your commitment to the environment while still increasing your profits. The Bio World® creates customizable solutions to add the eco-friendly value to your products.

Our products are 100% compostable

Composted organics are beneficial because they maximize plant growth, prevent soil erosion, reduce the need to use fertilizers and pesticides, and improves the overall health of the soil.

Our products are 100% biodegradable

Our products have a 1-2 year shelf life. By composting them they degrade in about 6 months and become a natural fertilizer for your garden. If these products end up in our oceans, they will be harmless for marine life.

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Our products

We provide the best solutions using the newest technology and proof based harmless materials. Even though biobased plastics (PLA, PBAT, PHA) are not new anymore, consumers are driving their rapid growth by demanding functional, environmentally friendly products.

100% compostable PLA biodegradable starch cutlery

All the sugarcane bagasse products are BPI and OK Compost Home Certified compostable in your backyard.

100% compostable unbleached sugarcane tableware

All the sugarcane bagasse products are BPI and OK Compost Home Certified compostable in your backyard.

100% compostable PLA cups and straws

PLA (Polylactic acid) is a biopolymer made using dextrose (sugar) derived from sugarcane, corn, sugar beets, wheat and other sustainable resources. PLA is annually renewable, certified compostable and biodegradable

Our certifications

Composting is evolution.

Our waste should not take a thousand years to decompose.


Plastic Bag


Bioplastic Bag

When you decide to reduce your own plastic footprint by using, reusing and composting biodegradable bags, cups, or straws, you’re not only reducing the risk to marine life, you’re also sending a message  retailers, manufacturers and governments that this issue matters to you.

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